17 March, 2014

Deploying Java 7 Update 51

With Java 7 Update 51, Oracle really beefed up the various security settings, making it even more annoying to deploy java, in a way where you don't bother your users with update reminders, certificate errors and whatnot.

I've tried to gather bits and pieces over the last couple of months (ever since Java 7 Update 40, when rulesets were introduced), as my time permitted it. This is just my attempt to gather all the information I've found and tested in one place.

Most of the important bits I've found here:

15 March, 2014

Free Training For Life, Take Two :-)

Så gør Firebrand Training det igen. En lodtrækning, hvor de udlodder frie kurser og certificeringer resten af livet. Helt sikkert kan gøre brug af i IT branchen, hvor der er konstant udvikling.

Man får 1 lod, når man tilmelder sig konkurrencen. Men hvorfor ikke give en hjælpende hånd til mig, når du har læst blog-indlægget her? :) Ved at tilmelde dig konkurrencen via dette link http://www.firebrandtraining.se/FTFL/9ON giver du mig endnu et lod. Derefter skal du blot gøre det samme, nemlig dele dit personlige link (eller mit, hvis du føler dig gavmild ;) ), så kan du også få ekstra lodder :)

05 March, 2014

Enable Facebook Tag Review

Do you find it annoying when people tag you weird places on Facebook? No? Well, some do, and here's a very quick walkthrough on how to limit the impact.

My Favorite Trance Podcasts

I've always found it annoying, that I had to remember to add new music to my mp3-player (before smartphones actually got smart) or to my smartphone. So I bought an Archos Gmini XS 202 with 20 GB of storage. That way I could throw just about all my music on to the mp3-player and not listen to the same track twice for quite a while. I still have it in a drawer somewhere. It was a great device.

One day I stumbled upon a Tiësto podcast, and I finally saw a use for podcasts. And with apps that automatically download the latest podcasts to my phone, I was happy. No more updating the music lists on my phone.

So without further ado, here's the OPML-file you can just download and import to your favorite podcast player. Read on for the complete list (in no particular order).

My favorite apps for Windows Phone 8

So I've gotten my hands on yet another smartphone (going on 21 smartphones, spanning Windows Mobiles, Windows Phones, iPhones and Androids) over the past 7-ish years, unless my quick headcount is wrong). This time it's a Nokia Lumia 925, and I think it's pretty nice and stylish.

My fallback devices have always been (and still is) an Android smartphone (currently a Samsung Galaxy S IV LTE), and as such the app selection is pretty extensive, and it's hard to find the same apps for Windows Phone, as I use on Android or iPhone. Although there's still a few apps that I haven't found a proper replacement for, I've managed to get the approximate functionality (except for a few business line apps, that are there, but haven't been updated and as such doesn't work with our systems).

Anyway, I digress. To the AppMobile...

Installing Windows Phone SDK 8.0 on a Windows 8.1 Virtual Machine

I've been meaning to learn some basic app development for quite a while now, but I never really get around to do it. I kinda need something specific and usable to get the motivation, rather than just doing "Hello World" examples. Now I'll try once again, and this time, for no particular reason, I've settled on Windows Phone 8.