21 April, 2013

Moving on...

I tried to host my blog at Wordpress.com instead of hosting my own Wordpress blog. I didn't try very hard, but I did try.

As I mentioned in my Wordpress.com post, there are a few caveats when hosting a free blog at Wordpress.com, some of the limitations is that you can only use the tools, widgets, themes etc. that Wordpress.com has made available to you. Sure, most of those are enough for most people. However, I like freedom. But I also like free, especially considering how little time I actually spend in the blogosphere.

I've been trying Tumblr, and it does seem like a good platform. Although, as with Wordpress.com I felt limited. Something like adding syntax highlighted code in a post wasn't something that was "easy". Only solution I found was using Prettify, and modifying the themes code, and add a bit of JavaScript. And then that didn't even work properly.

Anyway. Currently Blogger/Blogspot seems to be the best fit. There's a lot of flexibility with creating your own themes (if I wanted to do that) and extending features by using JavaScript and HTML (including iframes) directly in widgets, or directly in posts for that matter. Being able to do this, made it possible to use Github Gist, which is great for storing and sharing code directly to your blog. With a bit of Google-Fu, I even found a way to make Gists work in Dynamic Views.

Now I just have a couple of items on the todo list:

  • Getting Moski's Github Gist script to work with Blogger's Simple View themes as well (so I can switch between Dynamic View and Simple View themes, without having to modify the posts that have Gists included).
  • Getting LightBox (or similar) to work with Dynamic View. Officially it does not work with Dynamic Views, but perhaps I can find a workaround.
  • Some sort of GoodReads integration for the Library page. Right now it's just a static HTML page that I have done manually :-(

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