18 March, 2012

A Handful of Good Sound

Purchased a Logitech Mini Boombox just before the weekend, so I could have better sound when listening to music and audiobooks, rather than using a headset.

I was rather skeptic about the sound from a plastic device that isn't bigger than you can hold it in the palm of your hand. I was positively surprised.

The sound is good and the bass is decent, for a device this small. Certainly a purchase I'm satisfied with.

04 March, 2012

gratisdns.sh - A GratisDNS.dk DDNSd module for Synology DSM

So I own a Synology DiskStation as well as various domains, and wanted a bit of automation for updating my own dynamic domain name. To that end I hacked this script together, which adds GratisDNS (a free DNS hosting company based in Denmark) as an option to the DDNS Controlpanel in the DiskStation Manager (DSM).

The script comes with no support and no guarantees that it will even work for you. I do however try my best to fix issues brought to my attention.

02 March, 2012

Infected Mushroom Goes Dubstep

An awesome track from Infected Mushroom. Quite a leap from the usual Psychedelic Trance.

29 February, 2012

Password Strength

I was recently talking password security/strength, where the argument was, that if you were creating a sufficiently complex password, it would also be very hard to remember. Since last year, when XKCD posted the following comic strip, I've always just shown the persons complaining, that picture, and suddenly they weren't that worried anymore about creating a secure password, that they could remember.

27 February, 2012

Dansk mirakel-/supercomputer?

Da jeg sad og læste nyheder i dag, faldt jeg over denne artikel fra Computerworld.dk, som handler om hvordan en dansker bygger sine egne "Super Work Stations", som filmindustrien finder virkelig interessant, da det åbenbart sparer dem uger (og millioner af kroner), fordi denne "Super Work Station" er så meget hurtigere, og kan klare det på 90 sekunder.
Alene med sin processorkraft imponerede computeren den erfarne instruktor, da den renderer - eller bygger - en hel spillefilm på halvandet minut med live-rendering, hvilket ellers normalt tager over en uge.

Min første tanke da jeg læste det, var at enten brugte filmindustrien nogen helt sindsygt langsomme computere, eller også var der tale om en helt sindsyg cluster baseret computer fra Marius. Det var indtil jeg flyttede mit blik til spalten til højre for artiklen, som listede specifikationerne for computeren.

25 February, 2012

Recommended XBMC Add-ons

Most everyone who have ever tried out XBMC will agree that it's probably the greatest, most flexible HTPC software available, and this without even extending its functionality with skins and add-ons. I've noticed that a lot of new users of XBMC are barely even scratching the surface of XBMC, so I thought I'd give a few tips and add-on recommendations.

23 February, 2012

Great Mixes by MegaMixers.com

For those that remember the awesome mixes by DJ Deep called Deep Dance, you're gonna love the mixes done by MegaMixers.com. I especially like their first Mix:Cast of the year: MM Mix:Cast #1 2012.

You can also listen to that MixCast right here...

Unfortunately it seems the MM Mix:Cast #1 2012 is no longer available on SoundCloud :( instead I've updated this post to their MM Mix:Cast #3 2012, which is also really great :)

Great Dubstep Remix

I am not really a fan of Heavy Metal, and I honestly never knew of neither Asking Alexandria nor Celldweller before today. But I like it :-)