29 May, 2009

ArkInventory Rules

First... ArkInventory rules/pwns/is awesome etc. ;) Aah... I just had to get that one out there, now on to the "rules" part :)

ArkInventory is a a bag replacement for World of Warcraft which gives you a massive amount of options to sort and order the contents of your bags and bank. The way ArkInventory does this is by splitting the bags into sections according to the users desire. For example have a section with all your tradeskill items, another for all your trash etc.

For most people ArkInventory will do the job just fine by using its categories. Using its rules makes it even greater. With rules it is possible to specify multiple criteria for how the sections should handle items. Here are my favorite rules.

Managed Equipment - This rule will create a section where all equipment, which is part of an equipment set (be that Outfitter or Blizzards own Equipment Manager):

Soulbound Equipment, unmanaged - This rule keeps track of all the gear that are no part of an equipment set:
equip() and soulbound() and not outfit() and not equip("Tabard")

Idols - I'm a druid so this is to keep all my collected idols nice and orderly:
type("Armor") and subtype("Idols") and not outfit()

Trinkets - This handles your trinkets:
equip("Trinket") and not outfit()

Tabards - With Wrath of the Lich King tabards actually became useful. This rule will give you control of them:

Tradeskill Tools - Keep track of that Pick, Skinning Knife, Enchanting Rod etc.:

Spell Power and MP5 - This keeps track of all the items that have Spell Power or MP5. Similar approach can be used for other stats:
tooltip("Spell Power, mana per 5") and equip() and soulbound()


  1. Awesome guide... I had as slot for soulbound items, but got sick of fishing though them to find stuff that wasn't part of my set to vendor/DE and this helped me a lot. One modification, however: equip(Tabard) should be equip("Tabard") with quotes. This may apply to some of the others, but I'm not sure as I have not tried.

  2. Brian Schmidt Pedersen15 January, 2011 20:14

    Yea, it seems that the latest versions of ArkInventory require quotes, the earlier versions of ArkInventory didn't.

  3. Thank you sir, You just made my life eazy. At least when it comes to duel spec. I've been trying to figure out how to do "outfit()" through trial and error for a mouth now. I final gave up and goggled it. Two min later, had my answer

  4. can i make a string for my inscription pigment's?

  5. I've cancelled my WoW subscription currently, so can't answer that, really. I would think you could use the Periodic Table (pt) rule functions to match the pigments:

    If in doubt you can go into Edit Mode in ArkInventory then check the details on one of your pigments and see what it would match against.