22 December, 2009

Status Press Widget

I've been playing around a bit with Status Press Widget by Brian D. Goad.

I found that the data it fetched also showed the nick-/username which I think is kinda redundant so I modified the plugin a bit to let me manage it from the admin interface. While at it I also modified it so URL's are made clickable and cleaned up the code a bit.

12 December, 2009

MySQL connections failures and timeouts, part 2

Seems like Surftown got the problems fixed without moving my database to another server.

03 December, 2009

MySQL connections failures and timeouts

So there seems to be some problems with the MySQL database server at Surftown where my sites are hosted. Surftown have informed me that they will move my database to another server, so there will be some downtime while pointers are updated across the DNS servers, when they have moved it.

02 December, 2009

New theme

Playing around with a new theme, so several items will probably be missing or otherwise not working, until I have fixed it.

Ubuntu and making Windows default boot

I recently installed Ubuntu on my Dell Studio 17, dualbooting Windows 7 and I wanted to make windows 7 the default boot. I did this by changing the "default=0" setting in "/etc/default/grub" to "default=4", then running "update-grub". This basically tells GRUB to use menu-entry number 5 (0, 1, 2, 3, 4) as the default boot option. Since Ubuntu by default have 2 Linux kernels (regular and recovery) as well as 2 Memtest, this would select Windows 7.

A little while later I upgraded several applications in Ubuntu as well as the kernel. Updating the kernel added 2 extra menu-entries to GRUB, which t hen meant that menu-entry 5 ("default=4") would be one of the 2 Memtest entries. This would mean I actually had to update GRUB manually every time I upgraded kernels? Nah, I didn't want that. The way I did this was rather simple.

First I ensured that the "default" setting in "/etc/grub/default" were set to "0" ("default=0") which is first menu-entry. Second I renamed "/etc/grub.d/30_os-loader" to "/etc/grub.d/09_os-loader". If you notice there are several numbered files in "/etc/grub.d". These determines the order of selection (or rather order of compilation) when running the "update-grub" command. By putting the "os-loader" entry below the "linux" entry it puts Windows 7 before the Linux entries in the GRUB menu.

29 May, 2009

ArkInventory Rules

First... ArkInventory rules/pwns/is awesome etc. ;) Aah... I just had to get that one out there, now on to the "rules" part :)

ArkInventory is a a bag replacement for World of Warcraft which gives you a massive amount of options to sort and order the contents of your bags and bank. The way ArkInventory does this is by splitting the bags into sections according to the users desire. For example have a section with all your tradeskill items, another for all your trash etc.

For most people ArkInventory will do the job just fine by using its categories. Using its rules makes it even greater. With rules it is possible to specify multiple criteria for how the sections should handle items. Here are my favorite rules.