20 June, 2007

Lots of updates

I recently switched host from Surftown.dk to Servage.net, mostly just to check Servage out, but also because I know the owner and one of the admins.

So far I must say I'm a bit disappointed. The administration panel isn't as intuitive as the one I used at Surftown, but I guess I can live with it, most of the functions I had at Surftown, and lacks here at Servage, were functions I didn't really use. Servage seems to have problems with responsiveness quite often, can't pinpoint any specific times, it's in periods, usually after I've done a lot of SQL queries, which makes me think they're a bit too restrictive on the number of MySQL connections they allow. -- Time will tell how well Servage fares, my needs aren't big so I doubt I'll have any great concerns.

While moving hosts I also upgrade to the latest WordPress, and made a lot of changes:

Instead of my own gallery page I decided to go with NextGEN Gallery. Has a lot of nice features, however compared to my own gallery it's very very cumbersome to maintain. My own were just "upload files to a folder", then the script would handle the rest the next time that folder would be browsed. The pagination, ability to add descriptions and the "effects" that comes with NGG, and also the fact that I rarely upload any pictures, makes it good for me. Made a small change though, had to make NGG add margin-top to every thumbnail, so that it would align properly within its container.

Codebin have been removed, instead I'll just make a regular blog entry in the Code category, when adding new snippets of code. Again it's not as easy to administrate as my previous one, but easier to maintain WordPress with updates, backups etc. A thing that bothers me hugely, is that when editing one of these code blogs, the formatting (indentation, special characters etc.) are completely screwed up due to WordPress' handling of the text-fields, or some such.

Aah, and then I dropped my own theme, mostly because there were some quirks with the CSS that I simply couldn't figure out, so I decided to drop it entirely. Instead I'm using a pre-made theme, which I'm modifying a bit to suit my taste and needs. Only few changes have been necessary though, mostly to the sidebar.

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