20 June, 2007

Lots of updates

I recently switched host from Surftown.dk to Servage.net, mostly just to check Servage out, but also because I know the owner and one of the admins.

So far I must say I'm a bit disappointed. The administration panel isn't as intuitive as the one I used at Surftown, but I guess I can live with it, most of the functions I had at Surftown, and lacks here at Servage, were functions I didn't really use. Servage seems to have problems with responsiveness quite often, can't pinpoint any specific times, it's in periods, usually after I've done a lot of SQL queries, which makes me think they're a bit too restrictive on the number of MySQL connections they allow. -- Time will tell how well Servage fares, my needs aren't big so I doubt I'll have any great concerns.