11 March, 2007

20 must-have Firefox extensions?

So I was reading an article on ComputerWorld with the author listing what he apparently deems to be "must-have" extensions for Firefox. What I found curious, like many other readers, was why the most popular Firefox extension of them all wasn't even mentioned with a single word in the article. The extension is of course none other than Adblock Plus. Most of the extensions mentioned actually had nothing that I would call "must-have", I actually only counted 1, maybe 2 if I'm being nice, that I'd call "must-have" extensions.

In response to that article I'll write my own Top 20 list. I'll also tag each extension as either "must-have" (MH) or "nice-to-have" (NtH). MH extensions are extensions that will/should benefit everyone and NtH extensions are those that really depend on each persons individual needs.