26 October, 2006

APG succesfull in forcing ISP to block MP3 site..

Today APG got their injunction against Tele2 for blocking the Russian MP3 store AllOfMP3.com

Computerworld has an article which goes more in-depth of this case.
Addition: BetaNews.com article.
It's the Internet Service Provider, who has the responsibility for what the users are doing on the net - that's the courts decision in the case about the users access to the website Allofmp3.com, where the service provider Tele2 was up against the musicindustry IFPI.
I'm more and more glad that I live in Sweden now instead of Denmark. Apparently control of the internet should be privaticed, for that is what APG is, a private organisation. No one should control the internet in such a way, that tells people what they're should or should not browse.

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