26 September, 2006

New apartment — Take three…

Finally back among the living, I got internet in my new apartment yesterday. Just Comhem because there's no "real" broadband (10/10 Mbit or higher) available in the building :-(

I'm considering buying the latest Expansion for EverQuest: The Serpent's Spine, but as usual the boxed version isn't readily available in the stores in Denmark or Sweden :-( and as always only the boxed versions recieve the in-game rewards. Anyway, funds are a bit low, so maybe I should wait a little longer ;)

05 September, 2006

New apartment — take two…

Almost there.. Next weekend I'm moving to my new apartment in Malmö. I'm really looking forward to get that part over and done with, I hate moving but who doesn't? All that packing and dragging and moving and then some more dragging and unpacking. As I said; I'm really looking forward to get that part over and done with.

Anyway, I went by the apartment today just to look it over without any furniture, and while I was at it I snapped a few pictures with my Motorola RAZR V3x mobile phone. I've uploaded those pictures to my Gallery section, also, here is a direct link to the pictures.

There are some things that I need to fix in the apartment though, when I get around to it, such as a new cooking canopy in the kitchen, and some new wallpaper to all the rooms. I wonder when I'll be getting around to having those things done :-P