14 July, 2006

APG trying to force ISP’s to block MP3 site..

I've just finished reading an article from APG (AntiPiratGruppen aka. The Anti Piracy Group) where they write (roughly translated):
The Danish Anti Piracy Group, who handles the music- and filmindustry interests in matters regarding illegal copying of copyrighted material, have today applied for an injunction against the ISP Tele2. This is done as part of APG's endeavour stop the illegal, russian website AllofMP3’s activities in Denmark.
They're surely growing balls, or are they?

Looking at the statistics for 2005 it shows that there are 31 ISP's offering xDSL services in Denmark. The statistics also show that the biggest by far is TDC with a whooping 72% of all xDSL subscribers in Denmark, 2nd. comes Cybercity with 13%, 3rd. is Tele2 with 10% and then the last 5% is spread over the remaining 28 ISP's offering xDSL services.

I would think that if APG really wanted AllofMP3 blocked and was so sure that it would happen as they seem to think, they would have gone after TDC right away, this would certainly block the biggest amount of connections. But I guess APG is just grasping for straws as always.

Tele2 have made a response to APG's injunction:
It's impossible to close the access to the russian site AllofMP3.com, states Tele2, after The Anti Piracy Group applied for an injuction against the site. "The only way to do this is to close all access to the Internet", states Tele2.
From my basic knowledge on how the TCP/IP protocol works, the following methods would be how to block a specifik site, and the drawbacks of those methods.
  • Using packet inspection/transparent proxy.
    This method is a simple way to check all trafic from the users, checking if it's directed toward AllofMP3.com.
    The drawbacks to this are
    • Ressources.
      Running a transparent proxy takes a great deal of CPU and Memory, which in turn drains more power, which in turn cost more money. I somehow doubt APG are willing to pay for the extra expenses they're forcing on the ISP's.
    • Encryption.
      It's really easy to set up an encrypted tunnel, where the packet contents can't be read. That way anyone can get around this method, and the only way to avoid it is, as Tele2 stated, to close all access to the Internet.
  • Blocking IP/IP-ranges.
    Changing the A record on the DNS for AllofMP3 is easy and takes a very short amount of time. Once again the only certain way is to block, if not all the Internet, then all IP's assigned to Russia.
I wonder when APG stops this nonsense.

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