26 July, 2006

New apartment

Today I signed the papers to my new apartment in Malmö, Sweden.

The new 67m2 apartment is located in the area called "Kroksbäck" which is a decent area. I'll be taking over the apartment 1st. of September 2006.

14 July, 2006

APG trying to force ISP’s to block MP3 site..

I've just finished reading an article from APG (AntiPiratGruppen aka. The Anti Piracy Group) where they write (roughly translated):
The Danish Anti Piracy Group, who handles the music- and filmindustry interests in matters regarding illegal copying of copyrighted material, have today applied for an injunction against the ISP Tele2. This is done as part of APG's endeavour stop the illegal, russian website AllofMP3’s activities in Denmark.
They're surely growing balls, or are they?

08 July, 2006

New site


The new site uses WordPress as backend with my own theme (mostly inspired by PHP.net design) and some added/modified features.


Using a boxed blogging system ofcourse has both advantages and disadvantages, although the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.